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MacTex Non Woven Geotextile
Maccaferri MacTex® geotextiles are mechanically bonded nonwovens from 100% ultra violet stabilized Polypropylene or Polyester. They are characterized by a high resistance to installation damage, high water permeability, resistance to ultraviolet degradation and to biological & chemical environments normally found in soils

Subgrade Stabilization

Construction of temporary access road or ground improvement i.e. vertical drain and piling requires a stable temporary platform for mobilization of heavy construction machineries. A good working platform is impossible on weak soil especially when the water table is high. MacTex provides solution on how a temporary platform can be constructed on weak soil with minimum disturbance done to the foundation soil. Firstly, it acts as a separation layer between good backfill material i.e. sand and gravel from weak and soft foundation soil. This reduces the wastage on backfill material required to stabilize the foundation. With proper design, the backfill material which is spread over the geotextile will distribute the traffic load without damaging the geotextile layer. This allows heavy machineries to move freely on top of the temporary platform. Secondly the drainage function of the geotextile ensures that the pore water pressure is drained away from the temporary platform and this allows the foundation soil to gain its full bearing capacity much faster.

Recommended Geotextile: MacTex 150g/m2 - 300g/m2

Erosion Control

Maccaferri MacTex are used as filter fabric between soil and rip rap to prevent erosion through armoring layers. A single layer of MacTex works more effectively in controlling erosion compared to the conventional method which requires multiple layers of different graded soil. It is more economically viable especially if the application covers a big area. Erosion control or river training structures which normally comprises of complex structures i.e. groins, weirs, dam, revetment and retaining walls works more effectively with a layer of MacTex as erosion control mechanism. The typical geotextile favored for this application is nonwoven geotextile with medium weight and thickness (depends on amour size).

Recommended Geotextile: MacTex 200g/m2 - 700g/m2

Silt Fence/Silt Curtain

As an environment friendly material, MacTex can be prefabricated into silt fence and used as pollution control medium especially at construction site where sediment control is critical. MacTex which consist of needle punched non woven geotextile has a very good filtration functions. It works by trapping construction pollutants i.e. soil and confining it only at the construction site. This in result will have minimal environment damage done at the construction site.

Recommended Geotextile: MacTex 150g/m2 - 300g/m2

Silt curtain are generally larger structure compared to silt fence and are mainly used to trap suspended solids at larger areas such as rivers, lakes and coastal areas. Silt curtain will require a more durable geotextile because it will be constantly exposed to water current and UV ray. MacTex with mass > 500g/m2 would be ideal for this application.

Recommended Geotextile: MacTex 500g/m2 - 700g/m2


Any type of structure i.e. wall, slope, road or embankment will require a very good drainage system so that the pore water pressure from the structure can be quickly discharged out of the system and at the same time must be effectively retain the soil from going out of the structure. MacTex with high permittivity and high permeability with optimum opening size is favored for this application. Geotextile are normally used together with sand, aggregate or perforated pipe. Even tough the tensile strength is not the main criteria for this application, but if the geotextile is used together with aggregate, the selection of geotextile must be based on the possibility of the geotextile being punctured by the aggregate during installation.

Recommended Geotextile: MacTex 130g/m2 - 150g/m2

Reflective Cracking

Maccaferri MacPave is a specially designed geotextile to be used in between wearing course and base course of asphalt overlay to retard the propagation of reflective cracking which happens to both rigid and flexible pavement. The primary function of MacPave it to act as moisture barrier which is possible when it is impregnated with tact coat. Less moisture content in the pavement prevents the weakening of the soil. The second function of the MacPave is as Stress Absorbing Membrane Interlayer (SAMI). MacPave acts as a cushion layer in between old layer of pavement and new layer of pavement and retards the propagation of cracks from the old pavement from moving up into the new layer. The main criteria of geotextile for this application are optimum thickness, high tact coat absorption and can capacity and can withstand high bitumen temperature.

Recommended Geotextile: MacPave


Heavy weight MacTex is widely used for landfill application as a protection layer. Landfills are complex structures which are built to contain hazardous waste. To prevent leachate from moving out of landfill, an impermeable layer of geomemebrane will be placed at the bottom of the landfill coupled with multiple layers of non woven geotextile as a protection layer to geomembrane from potential impact and puncture during installation. MacTex nonwoven polypropylene is the most suitable geotextile because of its ability to withstand aggressive environment and at the same time provides good drainage system to the structure.

Recommended Geotextile: MacTex 500g/m2 - 700g/m2
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